HeatTech Library of How-To's, Applications and Product Comparison.

Buffer areas
The need for buffer areas and best positioning practices.

What is Comfort
How the science explains the feeling of comfort and why understanding it can helpful.

Heating Hardwood Floors
What you should know to successfully install a radiant heat system under hardwood flooring.

Basics of Radiant Heating
What is Radiant Heating? How it works? Learn more about the facts and myths associated with it.

Mats vs. Cable - Comparison Chart
Compare heating cable and mats and select the optimal for your in-floor heating system.

Cost of HeatTech Electric Radiant Floor Heating System
View and compare prices side by side for cable and mat floor heating systems.

Insulation for Electric Underfloor Heating Systems
What is floor insulation, why it's needed and which types are compatible with electric radiant heating floors.

Types of Floor Tile Compatible with In-Floor Heating Systems
Ceramic & porcelain tile, granite, marble and other natural stone and glass tile - compatibility with HeatTech systems.

Comparison of Hydronic and Electric Radiant Floor Heating Systems
Overview of pros and cons of electric and hydronic (hot water) type in-floor heating systems.

How to install radiant floor heating mats
Illustrated installation techniques for HeatTech HTMAT electric mats for in-floor heating applications.

Choosing the right thermostat for your electric in-floor heating system
Tutorial describing how to select the optimal thermostat type and comparison of available models.

4 Common Issues with Electric In-Floor Heating Systems and How to Avoid Them
Learn how to avoid the common issues associated with installation and operation of electric in-floor heating systems.

Is Radiant Floor Heating Possible in Apartment Buildings?
HeatTech mats and cable as a viable and effective heating source for residential apartments and apartment buildings.

Comparison of Electric Floor Heating Systems with 12W and 15W output
Comparison of both system types and their applicability for various project types.

Further Comparison of Electric Floor Heating Systems with 12W and 15W output
Addition the original comparison.