Mats vs. Cable - Comparison Chart

The comparison table below shows the major differences between HeatTech electric floor heating cable and floor heating mats and may be helpful in deciding which product works best for your project. You may also view our cost comparison of mats and cable systems by clicking here.

Feature Mats Cable
Price Higher than cable Lower than mats
Installation time Fastest Average
Ease of installation Easy Moderate
Best suited for Rectangular areas with minimum or no obstacles and curves Areas with curves, angles and obstacles
Cable spacing Fixed at 3” Not fixed. 3” recommended and can also be installed at 2” or 4” spacing.
Maximum coverage per thermostat* 120V: 150 sq. feet
240V: 300 sq. feet
120V: up to 200 sq. feet @ 4” spacing
240V: up to 400 sq. feet @ 4” spacing

* Solutions also available for areas larger then 300 sqft.

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