Creating a buffer area on your floor plan

What is buffer area?

Buffer area is non-primary area of the floor where heating is optional or is simply not required.

Why do I need to create a buffer area?

Quite often, especially when using heating cable rather then mats, it may be hard to predict with accuracy where the cable will end. If you submit a radiant quote request to our Design Team, we will work to provide a detailed layout of the cable or mats in a manner which will indicate their accurate placement to avoid using a buffer area. However, if you or your contractor decide to create your own layout, creating a buffer area will help to re-assure that no excess heating cable is left after the installation. Remember - heating cable cannot be cut! Only the black thick cold lead can be trimmed to fit as indicated in the installation manual.

Best places for buffer areas on your heated floors plan

The optimal location of the buffer area is where heating is not needed, but will make no difference if installed and will not effect the level of comfort.
Such areas include behind (left or right to) the toilet or vanity, in the corners, next to the walls and other low traffic areas. The amount of space required for a buffer area depends on the size of heating cable or mat installed and should be about 4-5 sqft for every 100 sqft of the heated space.
Important: mats or cable should be laid out in a way so that they end at or near the buffer area. This is the only way to utilize the "spare" space offered by the buffer area.

Examples can be found on the product Sizing page.