Cost of HeatTech Electric Radiant Floor Heating System

What the price includes

NOTE: The heating system prices shown on charts are for KITS, and therefore include 1 or more Mat or Cable, (1) Programmable Thermostat, (1) Floor Sensor and Cable Guides (for heating cable systems only). The floor sensing thermostat of choice was TH115-AF-120S (240S) as it is the more popular model included in Kits. Users have a choice of using other thermostat models, such as TH115-AF-GA (7-day Programmable with GFCI) or TH114-AF-GA (Non-programmable with GFCI) based on their preferences and project requirements.
The price shown does not include the installation cost, other electrical components required (electrical boxes, conduit pipes, etc.), tools or the finished flooring.

Project size and system limitations

Heating mats or cable are wired to a single floor sensing thermostat, which controls the On/Off operation of the system and ensures that the desired temperature and comfort level is maintained. Thermostats sold by have a 15A (Amps) limit and therefore will allow to install up to (3) Heating Mats or Heating Cable runs with a combined Amp rating of 15A or less. In other words, the systems limitations are as follows:
For 120V systems: areas up to 150 Sq. Ft
For 240V systems: areas up to 300 Sq. Ft

For projects exceeding 300 Sq. Ft, provides specialized controls which allow heating areas up to 3,000 Sq. Ft using only (1) thermostat.

Selecting materials for optimal cost results offers a large selection of products for electric radiant floor heating to match nearly any size project. Various size mats and cable lengths with the same system voltage can be combined to heat selected area sizes – for example, a combination of 100 sqft and 20 sqft mats to cover 120 sqft of space.

To minimize the cost of the system, it is best to use the lowest possible number of mats or cable runs. For example, use (1) electric floor heating mat instead of (2) – 70 sqft mat instead of 30 sqft + 40 sqft.

Heating Mats vs. Heating Cable System Costs

Heating mats vs. heating cable price comparison chart
As seen from the chart above, the average price difference between mat and cable floor heating system for areas over 20 Sq. Ft in size is around $1.50/Sq. Ft.
Below 20 Sq. Ft - the smaller the area, the smaller the price difference is.

When materials price point is a major factor in the project, this number can be used to determine which of the two fits best within the budget.
However, it is also important to consider the labor time and cost involved in the installation. While heating mats generally installed very quickly (in part due to HeatTech innovative adhesive mesh), floor heating cable installation will require significantly more time and may result in higher labor costs.

Floor Heating Mat System Cost per Sq. Ft

As seen below, cost of HeatTech electric floor heating system per sqft of space varies greatly from around $12.95 for small areas to as low as $5.00-5.50 for areas 100 sqft and above.
Cost of mat floor heating system by sqft

Floor Heating Cable System Cost per Sq. Ft

Similarly, heating cable system costs depends greatly on the size of the heated area and ranges from around $12.50 to as low as $3.50 per sqft.
Cost of cable floor heating system by sqft
Important: the charts provided are based on average numbers. Cost of an actual system may be more or less depending on choice of materials and their availability. Prices used are from December 2012 and are subject to change without notice.