Added: 11/04/2013

Kitchen and two bathrooms

HeatTech heating systems will be installed in kitchen and dinning room under one thermostat and both bathrooms. There are 163 sqft of heating area in kitchen and dinning room, 28.6 sqft in one bathroom and 21.5 sqft of heating area in second bathroom (smaller one).
Due to table in dinning room has legs, we can install heating system under the table as well. For kitchen and dinning room we used combination of (2) heating mats, which will be connected in parallel at the thermostat box. Because of size (dimensions) of two bathroom's heating area, heating cable system is the best option.
Our suggestions are "kitchen and dinning room": HTMATKIT-120-100 and HTMAT-120-50; "bathroom #1": HTCBLKIT-120-100; "bathroom #2 (smaller one)": HTCBLKIT-120-80 All HeatTech kits comes with "Honeywell" thermostats and floor sensors.