Added: 10/04/2013

335 sqft of kitchen and bathroom floor

Client has 261 sqft of heating area in the kitchen and 74 sqft in the bathroom to cover with heating system. Only 120V power system is available for this application.
Due to kitchen heating area is over 150 sqft and customer's request is one thermostat and only 120V power is available, Master Thermostat (TH115-AF-12VDC) with (2) Power Modules (CT230-GA) are required for this project. Combination of (3)heating mats will cover the entire kitchen area. 36.6ft long heating mat is perfectly fits in the bathroom area with one regular thermostat.
For the kitchen heating area we offered (1)HTMAT-120-60, (1) HTMAT-120-80, (1)HTMAT-120-100, (1)Master Thermostat (TH115-AF-12VDC) and (2)Power Modules (CT230-GA); for the bathroom area HTMATKIT-120-60.