HeatTech Accessories and Honeywell Thermostats

Honeywell floor sensing thermostat Honeywell Thermostats:
  • Each Honeywell (Aube) thermostat comes with a floor sensor.
  • All listed models are 7-day programmable.
  • 15 Amps maximum load per thermostat.
  • TH115-AF-120S: for 120V systems only
  • TH115-AF-240S: for 240V systems only
  • TH115-AF-GA: for either 120V or 240V systems, includes built-in GFCI (5 mA)
  • for more info and specifications, click here.

Honeywell floor sensor

Floor sensor:
Honeywell AC112-01 sensor is included with every Honeywell floor sensing thermostat model. It can also be separately purchased for installation as a backup (secondary) sensor or for replacement purposes. Backup sensor is recommended in installations where sensor in not installed inside the conduit, but directly in the cement. Comes with 15ft long leads.

HeatTech cable guides for floor heating cable installation

Cable Guides:
A must-have for any floor heating cable installation, this product is included free with any Cable Kit. (see HeatTech Floor Heating Cable & Kits for details).
Additional 25ft rolls can be purchased separately in this category - a single roll accommodates cable installation in approximately 50 sq. ft of heated floor area when cable is positioned at 3" spacing.

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Thermostats, Sensors & Accessories

Thermostats and other accessories used for installation of HeatTech radiant electric floor heating systems.
Product DescriptionSKUThermostat TypeUnit PriceQuantity
Honeywell Thermostat, 7-day Programmable, 120V + Floor Sensor
In stock
Honeywell Thermostat, 7-day Programmable, 240V + Floor Sensor
In stock
Honeywell Thermostat w/ 5mA GFCI, Non-Programmable, 120/240V + Floor Sensor
In stock
Honeywell Master Thermostat w/ 5mA GFCI, 7-day Programmable, 120/240V + Floor Sensor
In stock
Honeywell Power Module Slave Unit with built-in 5mA GFCI
In stock
Honeywell Floor Sensor, 15ft
In stock
HeatTech Cable Guide, 25ft roll
In stock
Instant Alarm Cable Monitor, Screamer
In stock
Repair Kit
In stock

Choosing the right thermostat


Installation of HeatTech electric floor heating system requires a class "A" GFCI to be present. First option is to have a circuit breaker with built-in GFCI. Second option is to purchase a thermostat which has a built-in GFCI.

TH115-AF-120 and TH115-AF-240 are non-GFCI (regular) models and are for use with 120V and 240V radiant floor heating systems respectively.
TH115-AF-GA is a dual voltage (120/240V) thermostat with built-in 5mA GFCI and works for systems with either 120V or 240V.
Read more about floor sensing thermostat types here.

Maximum load

15 Amps is the total maximum load allowed for use with thermostats listed.
For 120V systems, this results in heating floor space of up to 150 square feet.
For 240V systems - up to 300 square feet.


Except for the difference in voltage and GFCI availability as explained above, the following specifications are standard on all models listed:
  • Programmability: 7-day programmable, 4 time settings per day
  • Dimensions: 4.9" x 2.8" x 0.9"
  • Mounting: Vertical only
  • Color: White
  • Display format: 12-Hour (Fahrenheit) or 24-Hour (Celsius)
  • Display features: Backlit w/ 12-seconds time-out
  • Switch positions: Ambient + Floor (AF) or Floor Only (F)
  • Operating temperature: 32F to 120F
  • Settings temperature range: 40F to 86F
  • Temporary override supported: Yes
  • Accuracy: ±1F
  • Power method: Hardwired
  • Maximum load: 15A
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Wires: 6", Tinned Copper Leads
  • Fits into: 1-gang Box
  • Settings backup: Yes, Battery Not Required
  • Approvals: UL/CSA
  • Warranty: 3 Years


TH115-AF-120S and TH115-AF-240S - Installation Manual (pdf)

TH115-AF-GA - Installation Manual (pdf)

CT230-GA - Installation Manual (pdf)

Repair Kit Installation Instructions (pdf)

TH115-AF-12VDC - Installation Manual (pdf)