120V Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cable, 400ft, 65-135 sqft coverage

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What's Included:
(1) HTCBL-120-400 Electric Floor Heating Cable
(1) Installation Manual

Product Specifications:
Amp Load: 10A
Peak Power: 1200 Watts
Cable Length: 400 ft
Coverage at 2" spacing: 65 sq. ft
Coverage at 3" spacing: 100 sq. ft (recommended)
Coverage at 4" spacing: 135 sq. ft

HeatTech cable is a versatile solution for heating tile, laminate and some hardwood floor types in both individual rooms and whole house alike. When used in conjunction with a proper type thermostat (TH115-AF-120S for 120V, 240S for 240V and GA for either voltage), the system allows to gain independent room temperature control while offering the flexibility to pre-program heating system’s operating time to maximize comfort and reduce energy consumption.