80sqft HeatTech Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cable, 120V, 320 Feet Long Heating Cable, Covers 55-105 sqft

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What's Included:
(1) HTCBL-120-320 Electric Floor Heating Cable
(1) Installation Manual

Product Specifications:
Amp Load: 8A
Peak Power: 960 Watts
Cable Length: 320 ft
Coverage at 2" spacing: 55 sq. ft
Coverage at 3" spacing: 80 sq. ft (recommended)
Coverage at 4" spacing: 105 sq. ft

120V HeatTech heat cable systems are designed for heating areas anywhere from 10 sqft to 150 sqft (3” cable spacing) in size utilizing only a single thermostat. For heating areas up to 300 sqft, 240V systems can be used and if the area exceeds 300 sqft in size, HeatTech offers specialized controls which allow to expand the system so that a single thermostat regulates the temperature in area up to 1,500 sqft.