120V Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cable, 280ft, 45-95 sqft coverage

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What's Included:
(1) HTCBL-120-280 Electric Floor Heating Cable
(1) Installation Manual

Product Specifications:
Amp Load: 7A
Peak Power: 840 Watts
Cable Length: 280 ft
Coverage at 2" spacing: 45 sq. ft
Coverage at 3" spacing: 70 sq. ft (recommended)
Coverage at 4" spacing: 95 sq. ft

When looking for a healthier, simpler, more efficient and more comfortable alternative to traditional forced air heating systems, consider HeatTech. Electric heat cable produced by HeatTech quietly heats the floor, ensures a balanced heat distribution, does not require purchase, installation and maintenance of complex and expensive equipment and more importantly, creates a cozier, healthier atmosphere in a home.